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Our Purpose

  • Our primary purpose is: To Preserve the Legacy of the schools and community that produced us and to help Prepare that community for the Future, by:
    • Honoring the history, legacy, and memory of the schools that historically served the African-American Communities of Gainesville and Hall County, Georgia and of the people who made them great.
    • Promoting and enabling higher education and training of the youth of Gainesville and Hall County.
    • Sponsoring events to provide funding for scholarships and grants to deserving youth in the Gainesville Area.
    • Cooperating or participating in other projects that complement our purpose and objectives
  • To promote unity of purpose, by conducting a biennial reunion of the members and other friends of this organization

The Board of Directors and Staff work unceasingly to accomplish our purpose and provide services to our community and the members of this association.  This includes, but is not limited to, more focus on electronic communications by email and the tools of the Internet. Please register, browse the site, and take advantage of what we have to offer here. Then determine how you may help make it better. If you have technical skills, please volunteer to help expand our electronic capabilities.  If you have content, please share it with us. Also tak advantage of our Group page on Facebook.  If you have suggestions for improvement, please let us know. At a minimum come back often, participate, and contribute.

Thank you again for coming. Y’all come back now!


Fair Street-Butler High Schools Alumni Association, Inc.

2017-2019 Organization

CBO & President———————————-John W. Harris


Vice Chairman—————————Bobby Ray Stephens


Vice President———————————-Frank Sims


Chief Financial Officer————————–Nathaniel Shelton


Chief Operating Officer————————–Theresa Anderson Puryear


President Emeritus & Executive Director———————–Deborah Keith Mack


Director of Public Relations———————————–Dorothy Lipscomb Weaver


Director of Member & Events Registration—————————-Bernice Wimpye


Corporate Secretary————————————————————Peggye Robinson Davenport

Protector of History, Legacy & Memorabilia———————————-Linda Rucker Hutchens                                       

Scholarship Coordinator——————————————————–James Wimpye


Directors of Spiritual & Religious Affairs————————————Rev. Eugene Whelchel, Rev. J. Douglas Childers

Staff & Event Coordinators————————–Phyllis Edmonds, Patience Lyles Jackson, Cynthia Randolph, Pete Weaver, Teresa Wilder




Volunteer Advisors/Consultants


Jerry Castleberry

Reuben Kesler 

Kimberly Summerour Paul

The Fair St.-Butler High Schools Alumni Association, Inc. provides this website for members and friends to share information and enjoy. Remember that all material and content represent only the perspective of the contributors. The opinions shared on this website do not represent the sponsoring organization and are not endorsed by FSBHAA,

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