Reflections: Tragedy at the Emanuel A.M.E. Church, Charleston, S.C.Beloved, I wanted to let the dust start to settle before I commented on the tragedy that accrued at the Emanuel A.M.E. Church, Charleston, S.C., and what a tragedy it is. Someone on national news said this morning that the tragedy speaks to where the country is as a whole. I beg to differ, I believe that it speaks more to the work and commitment that’s needed out of the body of Christ (church). I believe that the glass is half full! It tells us just how much more diligent we must be. We have the message that WILL change lives, we serve a God who can, will and wants to do the impossible, but He needs us to be the vehicle. Yes the devil is busy, but that’s his job! Our God has defeated the devil, conquered death, and taken the victory away from the grave. He wants to manifest this power through us. We must continue to keep the Emanuel A.M.E. church, and all churches in our prayers. We are all vulnerable, and open to the attacks and trickery of the enemy, so we must be wise, and yet harmless. This tragedy lines up with the Sandy Hooks, Okla.  Theater shootings and on. It changes the climate of society. I believe that we have to be careful of the outcomes and measures that come along with fear and uncertainty. Freedom never was/is free, there is always not so much a price but a cost, and often the cost is non tangible! I pray that we are ever thankful and mindful of Gods protection and provisions. We are unable to keep ourselves safe from harm, thus we depend upon our God. He keeps us in a myriad of ways. May your prayers be ever fervent?   Pastor Miles