The Worst Generation Ever?

“An ongoing screed against the most self centered group of people who ever walked the planet.


I was off trolling around again looking for more anti-boomer stuff. It seems to be growing by the day. What I find interesting is the boomer reaction to it. Usually, when someone is angry you try to figure out why.

There just seems to be this total mentality among the boomers of, “I’ll do whatever I want and screw you if you don’t like it.” I am trying to figure out where this came from. What did they hear growing up that made them this way?

To much pop psychology? I’m OK, You’re OK? Disco? What?

I haven’t stumbled over any other inter-generational rage in other literature. The boomers don’t hate the generation before them. They don’t have blogs, and comments to blogs about how rotten the people born before them are. In fact, the people born before them seemed intent on making the world a better place.

The boomer blogs I have looked at all read the same way. They will have a comment from a pissed off X or Y and then comment about how it is, ‘Tough’ and get over it. They got theirs and that is all that matters. The boomers just seem to keep taking and telling the rest of the world to go to –ll while they do it.

They seem truly perplexed that there is a large amount of rage building up behind them. I believe at this point they are ignoring it at their own peril. Well…. How does the saying go. First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you. Guess we are up to stage 2″….