Well I am back and after a long sabbatical (help me John)…I like to let everyone know that the air is filled with excitement for this year’s reunion. I hope to attend some of the functions and meet and greet others as we meet along the way. John…"Hats off to you guys" I think you really have outdone yourselves. I was always away but I use to always remember…"There’s no place like home" I wouldn’t trade my upbringing in Gainesville with any other place in the world. That’s not to say that other places may not have been better, but I really love my folks from Gainesville. AsI sat intently and watched Honorable Michael Hancock and Bro. John Harris speak,at my cousin Billy Witt’s homegoing…It reminded me of those yearswhen I was young and looking up to them…Man for me that was the best…seeing the "Big Boys" speak so eloquently about the love they had for another "Big Boy"…Billy Witt. I was reminded of how proud I was and bless to have come from a place with such giants. Oh yeah we all have had our trials and tribulations but as the rapper once said…"How you like me now?" This year as we cherish those golden moments, think of all the love this community have had over the years for one another….families helping families…now that was a real stimulus package. Now as you all know me I will have to put a plug in for another reunion:

Best people on the planet
240 Atlanta Street Crew Reunion
Mama said can we borrow a cup of sugar?For more information, please go to facebook.com and click on240 Atlanta Street CrewEmail: va911ejm@aol.com

Call: 404-725-4589

Thanks John, "Gainesville will never be the same"….Rev Earnest Mason



  1. I also enjoyed the reunion. I would love to start today looking for more of the Gainesville area class of 1972! I enjoyed looking at all the earlier E.E. Butler material, but I would love to see some things from the short stay we were at Butler.