W live in a time when it seems these words have never been truer. When we look around our world and into the circles in which we live, we are reminded that it’s been our faith in almighty God that has sustained us. Who would have thought that the president elect would be taking office? Times like these remind us that we need a Savior. Regardless of who our candidate was in the election, one has to agree that each day of cabinet selections prove to be unbelievable.

I believe that God has and always is in the shadows keeping watch above His own. Maybe this is just a time for the faithful to reaffirm their faith and trust in God. Our land is sick, it’s sin-sick, crime and mayhem gets higher every night, yet God still say’s “If My people who are called by My name would humble themselves, and pray, seek, My face and turn from their wicked way’s, I will hear their prayer, forgive their sins and heal the land”.

Often we are reminded that in order to have a clear picture of where we are going, we have to have a clear picture of where we have been. We have never made it on policy, power or politics. It’s always been God who opened doors, made ways and caused us to survive and thrive against all odds. Regardless of who’s in the white house let’s make sure God’s in our house.

When we look back at how we’ve made it, we come to the conclusion that “we’ve come this far by faith”.

I pray that we all have the merriest Christmas ever and that our New Year is brighter than ever, and that we live in the promises, provisions, and the power of God.


Pastor NilesMs Prez Fair St 004 (3)