Reunion 2017 sadly, has ended. If you did not attend this reunion, you missed a treat. The twinkling lights, the bands, the DJ and that awesome Jazz, Blues & Throwback night; along with the tour of the MLK Historic Site have all come to an end. At Reunion 2017 ‘s Worship Service our own Rev. Dr. Regina Meadows Bell’s sermon entitled “Dry Bones”, aroused an awakening among all who attended. Our Sunday Closing Session was memorable. Judge Michael Hancock, was one of the first African Americans to graduate from Gainesville High. However, he began his journey with the Butler class of 1967, celebrating our 50th graduation anniversary. His message took us on a journey from our early years at Fair Street, that included him, to the current place with so many different stories of success. We all took different paths, but the journey led us to a magical re-connection on Sunday, September 3, 2017. Judge Hancock, or Mike as he prefers was introduced by his lovely and intelligent wife, Odessa Buffington Hancock, a member of the class of 1966. She prepared the audience well for her husband of most of their lives.
The BOD wishes to thank each one who attended for reaching out and remembering that each of us have one common denominator Gainesville & Hall County Georgia. A small community nestled in the Northeast Georgia mountains, which has produced Judges, Lawyers, Business Executives, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Ministers of the Gospel…….  ……a proud group of Gainesvillians making a difference in this world. As Jesse Jackson has said so many times “Keep Hope Alive”.  We have so much to build upon, that we must pass on, or the struggles of so many will be for naught. This is the soul of our organization, renewed biennially at our Reunion with a purpose. 
Think about our children & grandchildren who want to further their training or education beyond high school. It is expensive and growing yearly beyond the resource of most of us. Our focus is to help as many as we can to realize their dream. Many of you gave from $10 to $1500 to finance this. Why not make a commitment now to send a check monthly or quarterly to fulfill that commitment for 2019?  As we discussed at the reunion, we all need to give back. One helps one. This money is tax deductible, but it will also make you feel better in knowing that you are giving to a cause that you will be able to see the product. The students are worth every dime. So, act now.
As a heads-up, we will start working on Reunion 2019 in a few weeks, if you have any ideas and or suggestions regarding the reunion please feel free to share with any Board member or leave us a note here. 
In closing, I say “Thank You” to this outstanding Board of Directors. It has been a pleasure to work with you and enjoy your company. No one person makes the Reunion; each person brings a unique perspective and flair. We roll it, mesh it together to create a product that works for us and pleases the Tiger Alumni Nation. The reward is the pleasure we receive when everyone (or about 99%) of the Alumni has a great time and leave getting ready for the next reunion.
At Reunion 2019 we will honor the class of 1969, who closed the doors of the Fair St.-Butler High era. Plan now to be there!
Theresa Anderson Puryear
Business Manager – Class of 1967