Welcoming Fall.

To all of our FSBH Alumni & Friends, we thought we would stop by to say “Hello” and to let you know that we are in the final planning stage for Reunion 2019.  We are excited and hopeful that you are too.  We have been working on Reunion 2019 since we closed Reunion 2017 to ensure this is the best reunion ever.  Like Reunion 2017, Reunion 2019 will be held at the Atlanta Airport Marriott located off Best Road in Atlanta, Georgia with easy access to all major freeways. The Marriott offers free Wi-Fi and has proximity to many eateries and several malls.  They will also provide a free shuttle service between the hotel and airport in both directions.  The location that we have chosen meets the accommodations needed to ensure a wonderful time for all.  We negotiated a rate of only $102.00 per night (plus local and state taxes at the time of checkout.  The Reunion dates are Friday, August 30, 2019, thru September 1, 2019.  Single rates for 2019 are $185.00 and $350.00 for couples.  These rates are good through August 11, 2019.  Hotel Reservation Rates are good through August 19, 2019. The number for reservations is 404-766-7900. Make your reservations now.

You spoke; we listened and made a significant change.  The Jazz, Blues & Throwback Party will be on Friday night, and we will dress up for the Prom on Saturday night. This allows casual dress on a very rushed arrival day. If you have other suggestions, please let us hear from you.  The colors this year will be Black & White, and we might as well throw a little silver in the mix for the Prom.  Just do You!

Alumni & Friends this is your reunion, and we want to make this one of the best gatherings ever.  The Class of 1969 will be celebrating 50 years since they turned out the lights at Dear ole Butler High.  We are honoring that grand class, but more so, we are all celebrating the end of OUR Fair St.-Butler High era.

Think back to that period.  We were fancy-free, no bills, no stress. It was just our thoughts, wishes, and desires. Wouldn’t you go back to that time in a heartbeat? Please, everyone, don’t raise your hand at the same time.  Reunion 2019 does just that! It gives you a chance to go back down memory lane for a few days.  We reminisce; we laugh; we hug; we party; and we talk about yesteryear and next year.  People that you have not seen for many years come to the reunion to do this with you.  We have even reserved a hospitality room for you to stop by for refreshments;  play games or cards, share a laugh, watch tv or catch a quick nap.  Doesn’t that sound great?

We have a lay-a-way plan to ease the financial burden. Decide on your level of commitment and begin payments this month.  We want to see you!

We look forward to seeing you. Again if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Theresa Anderson Puryear

Chief Operating Officer

Class of 1967