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Though three (3) years in the making, Harold Goss & Thomas Hailey are the two board members that made it happen in 2015. This was a special interest event for all of the board members, and the City of Gainesville and Hall County Communities. Many people worked diligently and participated in gathering sponsorship items and door prizes, making announcements, passing out flyers, letters and other literature, registering vehicles, and cooking and serving food. Stephanie Westbrook saved the day by collecting the raffle and door prizes and made sure these gifts went to the right participants during the event.

The board was also assisted by several groups and individuals, such as Dominant Breed Motorcycle Club, who handled the motor cycle entries; Boy Scouts of America Troop 15, who passed out free water to everyone; Gainesville High JROTC Marine Corp, these beautiful students took on most of the ground workload, and American Legion Post 328 personnel worked gracefully as the event Parking Marshalls. The location of this event was the ideal place for a car show which featured a covered pavilion, known as the “RED SHED”. Being our car show was on a hot Georgia Summer day, this pavilion proved a life saver for workers and visitors. Michael Sussman, of Sussman Imaging took great pictures and loaded them onto Facebook for all to enjoy at no cost to the FSBH BOD. With his permission they are available her for your viewing, for your viewing pleasure.

There were old classmates who attended this event who hadn’t been seen out and about in a long time, maybe multiple decades. I’ve had nothing but positive comments about our 1st ever car show, to include let’s do it again next year, but even better in 2016. So, Tiger Nation, 2016 will be here before you know it. So let’s get our minds and bodies mentally and physically prepared to do this thing again.

Harold Goss

Butler Alumni & BOD