Every college football club has a Booster Club whose members give at a much higher level than other contributors to benefit the school endowment fund.  Today we struggle to offer relatively small grants not full scholarships to two students annually, thanks to the classes, individuals & businesses that Sponsor the Golf Tournament. In 2015, we profited over $15,000. We awarded grants to 2 students this year and will do the same in 2017.  Thank you so much for your generosity.

  1. We continue to ask everyone to become Tiger Level Members to offset expenses by donating $25 per year with benefits:
    1. Designated as Tiger Level Member and recognized in listing on web and Facebook page
    2. Recognized at Reunion with special benefits (TBD)
  2. We will create a small set of large donors willing to donate >$1000 per Reunion (2 years)
    1. They become members of the Maroon & White Boosters Club
    2. They will be recognized in many ways in all publications & media
    3. Will receive 20% reduction in total Reunion fees
    4. Donor can pay overtime as long as total donation of > $1,000 is received by deadline for Reunion fee payments.
    5. We will focus on recruitment by targeting people who may be capable and willing to participate at this level of membership.
    6. Please respond now if you want to participate or have questions.
  3. Again, we appreciate any donations, gifts and support. We know that each person has a different financial situation. We hope more of you will donate the $25 to become a Tiger Level Member to offset the administrative and business costs of a full time corporation, not just a Reunion Committee. We also ask those who can, to work with your class coordinator to support the Golf Tournament. Many of you have connections with businesses that could become Corporate Sponsors of the Ulysses Byas Memorial Golf Tournament.  Finally, for those who are financially able and are inclined to assist, we ask you to become a member of the Maroon & White Boosters Club by pledging and paying $1,000 or more by the Reunion payment deadline.
  4. Please contact our CFO, Mr. Nathaniel Shelton at gnat2190@charter.net to set up contribution. If you need to discuss the choices and make the best decision for you, please feel free to contact John Harris at jwhllc1@gmail.com or call at 404-421-9862.

Regardless of your decision, we appreciate your support.