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The Prez Speaks

I bring you greetings from your FSBHSAA, Inc. Board of Directors. On behalf of our BOD, I honor the sports heroes whom this edition is dedicated to. Thanks to all our players and Coach Cabbell, we had so much fun and entertainment during our youth; and now we have fond memories. I know you join us in wishing the best to Mrs. Cabbell, Gloria Harris Smith and all the family members that grieve.


We realize that you might be getting bored with reading about financial matters in these newsletters. However, this information is provided to ensure that the alumni stay informed regarding relevant matters. Financial issues are not our only concerns, but they are always relevant to any organization’s operations. In the previous newsletter issue, I addressed the location, and the room rate for the 2015 reunion. In this issue, I will provide you with information in reference to advanced, early and regular registration fees for Reunion 2015.


This year the Board has agreed to offer an extra discount to anyone who registers, and pay their fee for 2015 by the following deadlines:

1. The Advance registration, ended August 31, 2014. Those meeting this deadline paid $142 single; $270 couple (same as 2013 fee). ALL Board members have paid in advance.

2. The early registration paid by April 30, 2015, will be $145 single; $275 couple.

3. The regular registration period, May 1, thru August 10, 2015, will be $155 single; $285 couple.

This schedule is being provided to allow you with more time, and more choices to register, pay and save a few dollars, while assisting the Board with the opportunity to get a jump start on providing you with quality service, now and through 2015.


During the previous two reunion periods, the Board offered a “Tiger Level” Membership, whereby any individual alumni could pay a small fee, for greater privileges, recognition and a personal membership card. The money collected through that effort was used by the Board for normal cost of operation of the Association. For 2014 -2015, the Board has designated a voluntary “VIP Level” status for these alumni. To become a VIP Level Member this year, a one-time donation of $20 is required. All VIP Members will be recognized during the 2015 reunion, and their names will be listed in the reunion booklet as VIP Members. ALL Board members are leading the way, by committing to, and paying as VIP Level Members. So, we are asking each of you to join us, and become a VIP Level Members for 2015. To ensure that you receive the proper credit and recognition for VIP membership, when making your donation, be sure to identify that it is for that purpose.


Thank you for your continued support.