The Prez Says

I bring greetings and grateful tidings to all alumni, relatives and friends from your Board of Directors. We are working diligently to bring all of the events together for the 2015 Reunion, August 28 -30. From our prospective, we can see a great time of togetherness, socializing, food and fun for all who attend.  We are expecting special guests, and are planning special events for your enjoyment. To that end, I want to remind everyone that the registration and reservation times are drawing near. The deadline to make your room reservation is before August 7, 2015, and the deadline to register and pay for the reunion is August 10, 2015. So, for all of us who enjoy waiting until the last minute, that time is right around the corner, waiting on you. The rooms cannot be a last minute issue, so please make your reservation as soon as possible, while there are still rooms available. If you are unable to secure your reservations online, please call the Legacy Resort reservation number 770-945-8787 to confirm your reservation.

I also want to encourage ALL Fair Street and Butler High classes, alumni and friends to generously lend your financial support to the Scholarship Fund. There are high school graduates that are depending on our future help and support. Remember our slogan: “Preserving our Legacy – Preparing for the Future.”

We look forward to seeing each of you at the reunion.

Let the Tiger Roar!

Bobby R. Stephens

President – Class of 1960