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To start, I wish each and every one of you a very Happy Summer.  We know it has been a very hot summer so far. Since we are not as young now, do all you can to keep cool, safe and healthy.


Did you realize that the year 2016 is almost gone? Soon now it will be Reunion 2017 time! We are making decisions now, to ensure that we have another successful reunion.  If you attended Reunion 2015, or have read the newsletter, or have listened to the recording on the web and CD, you know that our very own John Harris was the speaker. I know you agree that he closed that Reunion in a very informative and entertaining way.  Remember his appeal to us, to help raise money for our scholarship fund.  The attendees were very moved by his speech and made pledges or intent of to make donations throughout the year.  Let us be mindful of these pledges and keep our promises and intentions.  Let us do all we can to help our youth attend colleges or technical schools.  We need your support.  Finally, the idea of a Super Giver package was born by Deborah Mack promising to give $1,000 this year as she remarked on John’s speech. We know that each of our members are in different financial situations. We expect and appreciate any amount your situation allows.  We are working on our comprehensive donation plan. Some of the plan will be discussed in this edition. Stay tuned to our Newsletters, Website and Facebook Page for more information. Please remember, the single purpose of fund raising is to Preserve the legacy and prepare the future of the community that produced us.


You may send any and all scholarship donations to:  FSBHAA, Inc.  P. O. Box 871 Gainesville, Georgia 30503


Have a wonderful summer and prepare for 2017