Lest We Forget

Legionnaires, servicemembers remember Pearl Harbor
Far from the warm shores and sandy beaches at Pearl Harbor, sailors, soldiers, Marines, members of The American Legion and other guests gathered at the historic Heslar Naval Armory beside White River in Indianapolis Dec. 7 to remember those who died in the surprise attack 67 years ago that brought the United States into World War II.

Five (5) WWII Vets-sent Christmas Cards out to them

William Law

Charles Morrow

Richard R. Smith

June Lipscomb

Clarence Lyles

KOREAN VETERANS:Commemoration of 50th Anniversary of Korean War


Eugene Brown Post #521 has:

Nine (9) Korean Vets-sent War Ribbon Bookmarks

Robert (Bo) Young

Willie B. Watkins

Ernest Gilmore

Amos Goudelock

James Shirley

William Roger Young

James Brooks

Grady Richardson

Wallace Sutton

Eight (8) Newly initiated Vets (last month)-sent 3×5 Flags (United We Stand) welcoming gifts on behalf of Post #521

Lonnie McIntosh

Clarence Jones

Tonya Jones

James Wills

Bedarius Bell

Lovie Smith Jr.

John O. Davis

Robert Davenport

Mission: To provideService to our Veterans, their familiesand the Community

This means ACTION…

We still have about 14 others who need to be initiated into the Post! I am hopeful that next year we can include the Christmas Dinner as a REFLECTIONand APPRECIATIONevent. The reason for the Season is THANKFULNESS:

for ALLwho have come before us… (Past)

for those who are still hanging on(Present)

for those who are “Still Serving”(Future)

The current Executive Board members stand on the BACKS of GIANTS who made it possible for us to do what we do! Let us make them PROUD! Let us BE the CHANGE

that others just talk about.

To get something you never had…you must do something you never did!


Respectfully yours,

Stephanie Watkins/Adjutant 678 525-1400 c

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  • John Harris
    December 24, 2008 at 5:12 pm

    John Harris Class of 1965

    Thank you Stephanie for all you do to remember those who fought for the freedom we enjoy. To all who did .. Welcome Home and Thank you for a job well done.

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