I hope most of you had the opportunity to see the documentary "Breaking the Huddle", a documentary on the impact of the civil rights era. Being this reunion will include recognizing the 1956 – 57 Championship Football Teams from Fair Street. This documentary was about college football teams during segregation in the south. We remember the Hamilton Holmes, James Meridith’s and others that bravely entered colleges in the south but little is said about those athletes that paved the way for those athletes that will enter colleges next fall and those that have performed between now and then. I had forgotten about the great Jerry Levias that entered SMU as the first black football player. It was moving to hear him talk about his experience at SMU. Others included in this documentary was Willie Lanier from Morgan State, Bubba Smith from Michigan State, Wilbur Jackson from Alabama and Sam Cunningham. John, I know you are going to say Sam Cunningham did not play in the south, he played at USC (not University of South Carolina). I mention Sam Cunningham because it is said he did more for integration in the south than Dr. King (smile). Alabama had won 3 national titles but never played against a black player. Bear Bryant scheduled a home game against USC and Sam Cunningham had a field day against highly touted Alabama and the rest is history. It is said after the game Bear Bryant said I have to get me one of those and Wilbur Jackson became the second black player and the first starter to play at Alabama.I hope as we get closer to reunion time some of you will share your stories about the championship teams from Fair Street.

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  • John Harris
    February 14, 2009 at 6:40 pm

    John W.

  • Mase40
    February 24, 2009 at 2:55 am

    What about those Fair Street Tigers…click on the links below to see those teams and players…GO TIGERS

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