I was asked to write a few words about our Board member and my best friend. Yes, this is an honor but it is also very hard. I am speaking about the Homegoing of Geneva Maxey Wilkins. She changed her address on Sunday, November 8, 2009. She is missed by so many, many people. She had a beautiful homegoing celebration and it was a beautiful sunny day. Her class, the Butler class of 1968, showed up in large numbers. People came from far and near. Guess what, she was wearing her signature smile!

Geneva enjoyed working on the Board. If you remember she introduced us to popcorn and an old-fashioned soda machine at Reunion 2007 which really sparked a different presentation to the Cookout. She was a family person. She involved her daughters and sisters in helping her to provide one of the best cookouts ever. She did it her way. with a smile. She grew up in St. Paul United Methodist Church, where she worked in every area of the church. In later years she moved to Bethel where she joined her husband John D. Wilkins, Sr. She carried on her duties to her church with a smile and her ever quiet spirit.

Her family was her lifeline Jon, Ardell and Laquanna. Her heart belonged to her grandkids BJ, Lisa, Isiah, and Chelsea, and of course, her grand Ms. Destiny.

Our friendship has endured for many many years. Our love and respect for one another live on in our children. She asked me to be there for her kids I asked her to be there for mine. I am the Godmother to her daughters, and the promises we made to one another will be kept.

She was a very strong lady; very much fun, and always caring. There are so many words that I can say about my friend. We had the chance to say I LOVE YOU on many many occasions, and for that, I will be forever grateful. If there was a program at my church here in Atlanta, she came, and vice-versa. She gave to me and to all that knew her unconditional love and always with a smile.

I will end with, Give someone a smile, and give someone a hug. We did. Can you?

I will always remember it. Wonderful memories.

Goodnight, My friend.

Theresa Anderson-Puryear

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