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“Hello Family and Friends, With great excitement and enthusiasm I’m pleased to announce Spirituality and Our World Crisis is now AVAILABLE FOR ORDERS!!!!. The book is $24.95 plus $3.00 shipping =$27.95. Please send checks to Path Publishing 1044 Elm Lane Pasadena, Ca. 91104. This book will be added to my web site within a week at Thank you in advance for your order.

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“My book Spirituality and Our World Crisis is hot off the press!!! E-mail me at [email protected] to place your order!”

Hello Earnest, thanks for the announcement of my two books. The synopsis that you are announcing is for my book Revelations New Beginnings which is $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping =$23.00. I’m sending you the synopsis for Spirituality and Our World Crisis which is $24.95 plus $3.00 shipping =$27.95 Thanks for announcing both synopsis.

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Synopsis from book, “Spirituality and Our World Crisis”, by Pat Katakio EEP. Explains the crisis in our world today and the connection that spirituality plays in it all. Were in more than an economic crisis. Were in a moral, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical crisis. The economic crisis is just here to get our attention. The life process, which includes the evolution of the soul, the non-death, past lives, reincarnation and the importance of understanding the whys of it all, is explained in connection to our world crisis. This book explains the root cause of hatred and racism, the Armageddon of our time and the gift that it offers. It also explains why you cant kill life and why suicide is not the answer as well as the many disguises of karma. This book reveals the deeper hidden meaning and messages for us in the allegories in Genesis and the virgin birth and explains the exact moment when Jesus became the Christ. These thought provoking revelations will stir up your mind and have you hungry for more information. In addition to being a guide to enlightenment and being a self- help tool, this book also provides many spiritual insights on certain scriptures of the Bible. Now more than ever people are waking up out of this deep sleep state of mind and becoming conscious. This book is a guide that readers will come back to several times to study and have several “Aha” and Wow moments. There are questions presented in this book that only you can answer. Eventually, we all will become the spiritual divine beings that we originally came here to be. Only then will we begin to live a life filled with love, peace, health, beauty and prosperity. Gods will is done on earth. Love Light, and PowerPat Katakio Synopsis from book, “Revelations New Beginnings”, by Pat Katakio EEP. These Eye Openers are sayings to wake you up to understanding life’s principles and Spiritual Truths. So when you read the scriptures with an open mind and apply these understandings in your everyday living, that will produce the perfect out come in your life.
While writing Revelations: New Beginnings, it was revealed to me why God introduced me to the great world of Meta-physics and why He gave me the Spiritual gifts. I have to explain certain Spiritual Truths to the world, which are revealed in this book. This revelation is really an Eye Opener, and when the shock and disbelief are over, you will clearly see it for the truth that it is. You will understand that you were deliberately deceived so you would not access the power within as Jesus told us we had, to live a life of health and prosperity. Without knowing and using the power we possess, we remain ignorant and get nowhere in life, and the soul can’t grow and evolve.
This is why Jesus was crucified. He was teaching the people about the invisible power that we all possess inside, called God, and how to access this power through prayer. The chief priests, scribes, and elders did not want the people to know this truth; they feared that they would not be able to control the people.
With this new insight of truth explained, we will have a change in consciousness, and this will be the New Beginning of life for us that are ready to take responsibility for all our actions.
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