It is more important than ever that we be able to communicate using email. It is less expensive to the Alumni Corp (YOU) and less hassle. People change email addresses or move to anotherservicr providerand we lose contact with a valuable classmate. If you have the email address ormail address of any of the "Missing Tigers", please contact us at [email protected]. If you want to reconnect with an old classmate put them in the Tiger Hunt and maybe someone else can connect you again. If we have their email address, we will notify the person that you want to contact him/her. We will give that person your email or phone number to permit contact. Our email privacy policy is: we will not sell, rent or give your email address to anyone without your permission. We value and protect your privacy.

  1. Gregory Austin – Found
  2. Peggy Austin
  3. Shirley Merritt Baylor – FOUND
  4. Barbara Borders
  5. John Doyle & Latisha Brown
  6. Karen Brown
  7. Mike Brown
  8. Gloria Carruth
  9. Andre Cheek
  10. Bill Christian
  11. Renee Davis
  12. Margina Dorsey
  13. Jacob Cheeks
  14. Faye Earls
  15. Dorothy Bronner Edmond
  16. Linda Ellison
  17. Samuel Evans
  18. Veotis Evans
  19. Janice Gardner
  20. Eugene Hendrix Found
  21. Willie T. Hardy
  22. Ann Harris
  23. Gail Johnson Harrison
  24. Dale Hollingsworth
  25. Paula Hudson
  26. Ashford Jenkins
  27. Thomas Lipscomb
  28. John Little
  29. Carolyn Milsap
  30. Lorenzo Milsap
  31. James Matthews
  32. Frank Mattox
  33. Gresham Vernon Merritt -FOUND
  34. Nathaniel & Linda Montgomery FOUND
  35. Kay Poole Myles
  36. Ann Prather
  37. Charles Ramsey
  38. James "Papoose" Randolph FOUND
  39. Phyllis Tate Randolph FOUND
  40. Billy Mattox
  41. Ted Randolph
  42. Mary Richardson
  43. Geraldine Roberts
  44. Charrie Randolph Jones Found
  45. Cicero Singleton
  46. Sylvester Singleton Found
  47. Lovie C. Smith Found
  48. Christa Stephens
  49. Larry Stephens
  50. Jerry Strickland -FOUND
  51. Gloria Stringer
  52. Barbara Marshall Turner Found
  53. L.C. Teasley
  54. Shirley Thigpen
  55. Peter Thompson
  56. Fralil Carter Walker
  57. William Wells
  58. Valerie Williams – Found

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