WE MUST VOTE ON NOVEMBER 2nd LIKE OUR LIVES DEPEND UPON IT, BECAUSE THEY DO !!!!The Republican party has embraced dangerous, radicalhatemongers called the "Tea Party". They are led by Glen Beck and Sara Palinwhoseonly goal is to take down President Obama.These people hate Blacks.They hate Latinos. They hate Muslims and have at times made manyanti-Semitic statements. They hate Gays. They hate any moderateRepublican who might be likely to cooperate with Obama, AND THEY DESPERATELY HATE PRESIDENT OBAMA!!Their rallying cry? "We want to take back our country!!" Take it backfrom who? Americansoil is still wet with the blood of our African American ancestors who fought and died for our right to vote.
The polls say Republicans are going to win enough votes to take overthe United StatesSenate and Congress becauseDemocrats lack the enthusiasm to vote. WE MUST GET AS MANY PEOPLE TO THE POLLSAS WE DID DURING THE2008 NATIONAL ELECTION.

We want your enthusiasm, butWE NEED YOU TO VOTE.!!We need you to vote out of FEAR. FEAR thatthese radicalswilltake this country back to Jim Crow. FEARthat thevirulence of theKlu-Klux-Klan will once again be the order of the day!You don’t thinkthis could happen?Just stay home on electionday and take a gamble on whathappens to this country if we allow the leadership to change.

Don’t leave the voting to the other guy. Vote astraight Democratic ticket for your U. S. Senator, Congressman, AND your state Governor!. Like African drums calling out across America, reach as manypeople asyou can!! We can’t break this chain message or we mayfindourselves in chains once again!!VOTE NOVEMBER 2nd!!Forward this E-mail to at least 15 people and please keep it going!!