!!!!!!!! This wish is
sent out to the FSBH Alumni Family and Friends.

It is that time of year where we celebrate the holidays with
our families and friends, enjoying the fellowship, remembering the way it was
and just taking the time to experience life. Your FSBH Alumni Board has been
working hard in the off year to make Reunion 2011 the best reunions ever. You
may have read that this year we gave not one but TWO scholarships. We had
several fundraiser events where we worked hard, had a great time and even
raised some monies. We now have a Public Relations Consultant (PR) on board, by
the name of Rojene Bailey. He will help with promotions and other ways to reach
the “Maroon & White Tiger Nation” as John Harris has aptly called
the Alumni family. We also have our very own Certified Public Auditor (CPA),
Terry Gaither has done a wonderful job.

We have a lot of planning and work to do before the Reunion
2011, which will involve all age groups. So come on let’s make this a
“FAMILY AFFAIR. ” We are also adding a worship/fellowship experience
Sunday morning before the closing program. Water ski rides, horseback
riding, and the beach is also available, along with walking trails, and of course. the golf
tournament, a little something something
for the Alumni and your families. So, as you celebrate the season, please do not
forget the meaning of the season. Why not take the time to call someone you
haven’t talked to in a while? Why not send someone a card? Why not text, or
email a friend? When all else fails, why not just go visit someone? We are
blessed in many ways. We need to continue the blessing by passing it on

We look forward to seeing you at Reunion 2011 at Lake Lanier
Islands Resort.

Again, Have a Safe and Blessed Holiday Season.


Thomas Hailey

Fair Street-Butler High Schools Alumni Association, Inc.