Most of you reading this article have been labeled baby boomers, and I think it is safe to say that we set the pace for most of what is going on in our country today. We saw an era where changes were made in our diet, we saw fast food places pop up everywhere. The Kool-Kone was not as fast as Mcdonald’s, but the menu included more than just hamburgers. We saw entertainment change, with concerts being more than just singing. James Brown, Earth, Wind and Fire, and George Clinton brought entertainment to the stage. We changed our hairstyles with natural cornrows (a/k/a braids) and weave. Television programming changed with the addition of Mod Squad, I Spy, Flip Wilson, and Julia, just to name a few. We saw movies change in a way that brought us Shaft and Superfly. We saw federal, state and local laws change tremendously. Looking back, it is really amazing that most of those laws were changed or refined not because of a majority of popular votes but because of a strong voice and a strong, unified stand. It took leadership and unity to make those changes. Through all those changes, we all participated in one way or another. We actively participated. We did not just sit back and voice our opinion about a thing and leave it to those who were appointed to their particular political position. We actively participated in helping make all of the above-mentioned changes become a reality. Our President is residing in the White House today because of his Its Time for a Change slogan. We can’t sit back and leave it to him; we have to participate for change to happen actively. We are changing locations this year for the reunion. We are changing our format just as a taste to put more flavor to what we have been doing. Change is good! Change comes about through brainstorming, planning and outlines. All of those are made up of sentences and guess what? We learned in school that every sentence has a subject and a verb. I love those verbs——–action takes place. All your comments contain some verbs, meaning that you are looking for some action. Bringing about change means there must be unity with the action. There have been lots of plans put on paper, lots of time spent brainstorming, and some changes have taken place for Reunion 2011. To make this reunion memorable, we all must actively participate in some way. If you have comments or suggestions, you must actively participate by communicating them to us, so they can come to fruition. Remember, though. Change is not microwavable, it is a crockpot process, it takes time!! Although our reunions have been groovy (I thought you would never hear that word again), we have a generation experiencing some of the same growing pains we did. But just as we couldn’t, they cannot succeed without the wisdom, guidance, and voice of experience we have. Let’s be there to help them when things are a little out of alignment. The leaders of our time could not bring about change without the unity of actively participating people. We must actively participate in causing change for the youth to have a better life for themselves and for us. Let’s make the younger voices a part of what we are doing. Let’s face it, when we baby boomers no longer exist, what happens to all this wisdom and experience, all the knowledge we have acquired over our lifetime? What happens to the memories of Fair Street and Butler High Schools? The buildings are still standing (for right now), but the people who walked those halls and sat in those classrooms, played on the basketball and football teams, and who played in the band and sang in the chorus will be forgotten history. Let’s do our reunion to get another generation involved actively. Let’s be together to keep the entire legacy of our community alive. On a fun note. we have an entire weekend and an entire island to enjoy, and I am looking forward to it. OMG! I haven’t even registered yet! Have you?

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  • eebutler
    March 22, 2011 at 6:39 pm

    Jerry Lamar Castleberry Class of 1965


    This is truly a great article.

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