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We began as a social organization to arrange for friends and classmates to gather biennially. We have become a 501 C 3 charitable organization that executes our slogan, Preserve the legacy and prepare the community’s future. The small community on the south side of Gainesville was financially challenged and racially segregated with much pride and ambition for their children. Those humble beginnings produced so many successful people in all professions.

Today, FSBHSAA, lnc, offers scholarships and annually invests in an educational endowment that will fund scholarships in perpetuity. We cooperate with other community organizations and our local government to restore the vibrancy and improve the conditions of the community, assist residents and protect the legacy and heritage created by our ancestors.

None of the people who serve on the Board of Directors receive financial compensation, only the satisfaction of preserving and preparing the community we love. Because we are a full-time organization, we have fixed and variable costs and the money required to execute the projects we perform. Your financial assistance is needed and appreciated.


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Annually, we provide scholarships to deserving seniors to further their educaon or vocaonal training beyond high school. We also set to invest annually in an endowment that will provide scholarships in perpetuity
The Sunshine Seniors organization helps older people in many ways, including providing food security. We assist them financially and volunteer our time and other resources as needed.
Preserving our legacy and improving our community is paramount. We assisted in establishing the Butler Park, Museum, and gym that helps restore our thriving community and honors those who created the legacy and heritage we work to preserve