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Prez’ Corner

This is the busy season for your Board as we prepare for Reunion 2019. However, we do much more than put on the party biennially. We began planning and negotiating for Reunion 2019 a few weeks after closing Reunion 2017. That’s why we can contain our cost and ticket prices to you.

The Board recently completed an extensive planning process. We have four teams Reunion & Events, New Projects, scholarships, and Religious & Spiritual. These are some of the ideas and projects resulting from the planning process:

Increase revenue from the golf tournament and execute 3 other fundraising projects to subsidize the costs of Reunion 2019.

To define the needs of young males in our community and plan to assist them.

We will attempt to get the old E.E. Butler gymnasium renovated or replaced.

Our Spiritual Team plans to support bereaved families through prayer and actions via a small annual budget.

Not only will the Reunion & Event Team plan & execute the best reunion ever, but they are also planning a New Year’s Eve party in Gainesville.

The Scholarship Team plans to either increase the number and the size of the awards to support our young people.

We have other plans and ideas to improve our home community and enrich the lives of our members and friends. So, where do you fit? I am attaching a financial report from Mr. Shelton. We are in a good position, thanks to your generosity. You provided funding in 2017 that permits us to have a working balance as we prepare for 2019. Please commit to doing the same or better moving forward. You can pledge as a Tiger Level – at $1,000+, Maroon Level at $500+, or White Level at $25. I will post the benefits of each level with the Financial Report. But, Tiger Level includes Couples or Single Fees for the reunion. At $500 but less than $1,000, Reunion 2019 fees will be discounted significantly but not yet determined. Above all, at each level, you are helping your organization Preserve our Legacy and Protect our Future.

Bernice Harbin Wimpye reminds us to act now and avoid the stress of last-minute decisions and financial burden but:

Choose your level of commitment.

Contact Mr. Nathaniel Shelton at [email protected] to set up a monthly or quarterly payment plan

Reserve your room at the Airport Marriott. You guarantee payment with a credit card, but you don’t have to pay until you check out next year.

Ensure you pay the total commitment before the deadline.

Ask your children and grandchildren to join you on Saturday’s Family Day (aka cookout)

Start anticipating the fun of seeing your friends, classmates and new friends.

Show up and party!!

Thanks, my friends. We all appreciate your support, and need to see you at Reunion 2019!
January 1 to August 31, 2018
Beginning Balance $10,395.79
Class of 1965 105.00
Class of 1965 by Bernice Wimpye 255.00
Registration fees –Terry Edward Gaither 350.00
Marriott Reimbursement 75.54
John Harris Contribution (1965 class) 786.51
Juneteenth receipts $587.50
Juneteenth supplies -500
Juneteenth change -160
Juneteenth Booth Registration -25
Juneteenth cash returned 144
Juneteenth Net Income 46.50
Self Storage fee 64.00
Marriott Deposit for Reunion 2019 750.00
PO Box rental 82.00
Office Pro ( Print Scholarship Applications 4.62
Grady Young Foundation Donation 300.00
Self Storage fee 64.00
Self Storage fee 64.00
Self Storage fee 64.00
Self Storage fee 67.00
Self Storage fee 67.00
Self Storage fee 67.00
Harris floral 88.28
Self Storage fee 67.00
Scholarship Payments 2,000.00
Constant Contact Payment – June 96.00
Frame for Michael Hancock Honorary Diploma 54.38
WordPress for new Website 61.00
Constant Contact – September 146.13
Website Design & Development 350.00
Constant Contact Update 79.00
Current Balance $7,478.93