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The President’s Corner

The President’s Corner

I bring greetings to our fellow alumni association members, from your Board of Directors. The dates of August 28-30, 2015, and they are coming upon us very quickly. We are working diligently to get things in order for you to have the best time ever during the reunion. We are planning for and expecting one of the largest turnouts since the early reunion days. This year marks our 24th year, and the 12th biannual reunion and meeting. This has been a remarkable period of time for us as individual students, graduates, teachers and alumni. Many of our friends have departed this world. Without being maudlin, this is why we should make a diligent effort to attend every reunion and/or meeting that is held in the honor of those of us who attended Fair Street and Butler High Schools. As the old Hymnal song says, “It may be the last time, I don’t know.” We should remind ourselves of this inevitable situation during every opportunity we have to attend these reunion events. Our theme and our tagline is “Preserving our legacy and Preparing for our future. Both of these require getting our children, and grandchildren to replace us. Think of ways to get your family to understand what that legacy is and how they help us preserve it. Some participation in this reunion is a good start.

During the past few of months, it has been brought to the attention of the FSBHSAA Board that some alumni members had made room reservations at the Legacy Lodge on Lake Lanier, and the deposit for the first night’s stay was immediately charged to the credit/debit card. Well, now you can rest at ease. Due to the diligent efforts of our very energetic and persuasive Business Manager, that situation has been resolved. Even though it is their policy to collect for the first night in advance, it has been WAIVED for us. Your room deposits will not be charged to you card until you arrive. However, rooms are always a major issue for us. So make your room reservations NOW.

We (The Board) work diligently to publish the newsletter as a means to provide you with important information and keep you up to date with the business matters of interest and other organizational matters. Please take the time to read every article in each publication to insure you have the current and correct information on the issues presented. More importantly, take action called for in the articles helping your organization to be successful.

We can’t wait to see you at the reunion

Bobby R. Stephens

President – Class of 1960