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President’s Corner

President’s Corner FROM THE PRESIDENT’S CORNER HAPPY HOLIDAYS & SEASON’S GREETINGS!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! This wish is sent out to the FSBH Alumni Family and Friends. It is that time of year where we celebrate the holidays with our families and friends, enjoying the fellowship, remembering the way it was and just taking the time to experience […]

The President’s Corner

The President’s Corner The President’s Corner I bring greetings to our fellow alumni association members, from your Board of Directors. The dates of August 28-30, 2015, and they are coming upon us very quickly. We are working diligently to get things in order for you to have the best time ever during the reunion. We […]

Our Prez Speaks

Our Prez Speaks Season’s Greetings: Although Christmas has come and gone, this is our Holiday Edition. So, Happy Christmas and Merry New Year! I’m sure you are still exhausted from hustling and bustling trying to get through another Christmas Season. I am sure that the decorating and buying of presents began on Thanksgiving Day and […]

Prez’ Corner

Prez’ Corner This is the busy season for your Board as we prepare for Reunion 2019. However, we do much more than put on the party biennially. We began planning and negotiating for Reunion 2019 a few weeks after closing Reunion 2017. That’s why we can contain our cost and ticket prices to you. The […]


LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Welcome to the Fair Street-Butler High Schools Alumni Association, Inc. (FSBHSAA) website. Fair Street and E.E. Butler were high schools for African Americans in Gainesville/ Hall County. Georgia and surrounding areas during racial segregation. The principal, staff, students, and the community created a legacy of excellence, success, […]